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Full-Service Septic Tank Maintenance in Georgetown, MA


We will replace your filter at NO additional charge when we service your tank

S.O.S. Septic Tank Service never tries to sell you anything to put into your septic system. Many of our competitors carry their own products, which they will try and sell you after they pump your septic tank, claiming they just removed all of your valuable bacteria and enzymes. However, this is nonsense!
The small amount of water that is left in the bottom of your septic tank after it is pumped contains billions of enzymes. The only reason you will not have enough enzymes in your septic tank is if you are killing them.
Bleach kills enzymes. A small amount of bleach used in your laundry has little effect on your system, but using large amounts in the laundry and to clean the toilet and other systems is very harmful. Other harmful solutions include oil paint and paint thinner. Do not pour these down your drains because they will damage your septic system.

BABY WIPES! Please do not throw them in your toilet! They are the number 1 cause of problems. They do not break down in your septic tank. They may say flushable on the label, but they will ruin your septic system.
Contact us to request septic tank maintenance to flush out any harmful contaminants from your system.