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A Word from the Owner, Richard Holzapfel in Georgetown, MA

“I have lived in Georgetown since 1973, and I started S.O.S. Septic Service in 1977 from scratch, and built it up mostly by word of mouth. You don't stay in business for more than 40 years unless you can provide the service that people need and at a fair price. I believe in the Golden Rule, in life and in business. I try to treat my customers the way I would want to be treated. I don't like waiting for a service man to arrive sometime today any more than you do. When I tell you I will be at your home at a certain time, I do my best to be there on time.
“Most of my customers know me and I know them, I know how you treat your septic system, how many people live in your home, I can help you determine how often you should be servicing your tank. When you call S.O.S. you get me! Every time! Not a different guy who just started working for some franchise business, and has no experience or knowledge of how a septic system even works.
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“If you are new to the area — call me! I keep records of every job I do, I can tell you, if I serviced your system and when, How many gallons your tank holds, and when you should pump it again. If you need a Title V Inspection — call me! I no longer do inspections, but I can give you the names of the best inspectors around.

“If you need a new system installed — call me! Septic System installers must be licensed in every town they work in. I know the best installers for your town. I know who does the best work and has a fair price, cheaper is not always better. Hiring a local contractor, who has a good reputation with the local board of health can be a big plus when it comes to getting the job done in a timely manner.”
Contact owner Richard Holzapfel in Georgetown, Massachusetts, to schedule a septic service for your home or business's system.
Proud member of the Georgetown Kiwanis.